Texas women are facing a health care disaster at the hands of a small group of politicians, led by Greg Abbott. This isn’t just about the election — it’s about standing up for ourselves and our families. It’s about showing the politicians who have targeted women’s health and hurt Texas women and families that we won’t back down.

Greg Abbott and his Posse’s agenda have already caused so much damage, and women have paid the price. Years of these policies have caused numerous abortion providers to close, leaving women without meaningful access to abortion in vast parts of the state, such as the Rio Grande Valley. More than 70 family planning health centers have closed or stopped providing family planning services. Thousands of women lost access to health care after the state banned Planned Parenthood from the Texas Women’s Health Program — this is on top of 155,000 women who lost access to care due to the legislature’s cruel and dangerous budget cuts. All across Texas, women are just flat-out going without care.

These relentless attacks against Texas women are far out of step with views of the majority of Texans. If Texans showed America one thing during the historic protests last summer, we demonstrated that Texans value women’s health. We also showed how powerful we can be when we speak with one voice.

Planned Parenthood Texas Votes PAC is leading the effort to fight back to engage supporters of women’s health across the state to fight to protect and expand women’s access to health care. Just as women trust Planned Parenthood health centers when it comes to their medical care, they trust Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations when we speak out about the policies and politicians that challenge or support our access to health care.

Planned Parenthood Texas Votes PAC will make sure that every single elected official in Texas hears one message loud and clear: The rights of women aren’t negotiable and our health care isn’t a political bargaining chip. We will also make sure that every candidate running for office knows that you can’t win in Texas by working against Texas women. Texas women — and all Texans who care about women’s health — are watching.

We are fighting back. And we are voting.


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