Abbott’s Posse

They say you can judge a person by the company they keep, Greg Abbott’s chosen posse is no exception.

Abbott’s fellow anti‑women candidates

  • Dan Patrick

    Lieutenant Governor

    Dan Patrick

    A conservative radio host turned uber-conservative state legislator, Dan Patrick wants to take his activist attacks on women’s health to the lieutenant governor’s office.

    • After passing a mandatory ultrasound bill Patrick said, “There’s nothing that I’ll ever pass that will be more important.”
    • Patrick’s first bill in the state legislature in 2007 was to trigger an abortion ban if Roe v. Wade were overturned. The only exception was to prevent the death of the woman.
    • He wants to turn the clock back for women’s health by forcing physicians to follow an inferior, outdated, and less effective protocol to provide medication abortion.

    For women, Patrick wants big government. And in Texas everything’s BIGGER.

  • Ken Paxton

    Attorney General

    Ken Paxton

    Ken Paxton wants to be Texas’ top law enforcement officer. But if his record as a state legislator is any indication, he would be a terrible representative for the women of Texas. Here’s Paxton’s record on women’s health:

    • Paxton authored the “Woman’s Right to Know Act” that requires doctors provide a script to women seeking an abortion that makes a scientifically discredited link between abortion and breast cancer.
    • He supported state funding for Christian-based crisis pregnancy centers noted for their attempts to dupe women into thinking they provide health care or abortions.
    • Texas Right to Life endorsed Paxton, as has U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, calling him a “tireless conservative warrior.”
  • Glen Hegar


    Glen Hegar

    Hegar is campaigning to be the state’s chief financial officer. As a state senator from Katy, Texas he has a long anti-women’s health care voting record.

    • Hegar co-authored a bill (SB 182) that would require women to certify in writing that they saw an ultrasound and heard a fetal heartbeat before being able to have an abortion.
    • He authored a bill banning insurance from covering abortion, even with private funds. (SB 404)
    • Hegar was the Senate author of HB2, the draconian anti-choice bill that resulted in last summer’s massive protests at the Capitol, and the closing of dozens of Texas clinics.

    Hegar is on the conservative dream team to keep Texas solidly Republican and to keep abortion and other women’s health care out of reach.

  • Sid Miller

    Agriculture Commissioner

    Sid Miller

    State Rep. Sid Miller brags about the endorsement by controversial rocker Ted Nugent. When it comes to his beliefs on women, his voting record is just as clear.

    • Miller was endorsed by Texas Right to Life and was named its Pro Life Legislator of the Year.
    • He co-authored the “Woman’s Right to Know Act” legislating lying to women telling them there’s a link between breast cancer and abortion.
    • Sid Miller was the House author of the mandatory sonogram bill, forcing Texas women to undergo an invasive and unnecessary procedure.

    This tea party-approved Texas lawmaker gets giddy from the attention of Ted Nugent while being reckless with women’s health in Texas.

Abbott’s Cronies

  • Ted Nugent

    Motor City Madman/Fred Bear

    Ted Nugent

    Nugent is a controversial conservative activist and musician who has endorsed and campaigned with  Greg Abbott. But his disturbing record of sexist and racist comments, even after his endorsement of Abbott, raises serious questions about Abbott’s judgment.

    • Nugent was campaigning with Abbott shortly after he called the president of the United States a racial slur and Abbott did nothing. In fact, Abbott referred to Nugent more than a month after the remarks as “a fighter for freedom.” In return, Nugent calls Abbott his “blood brother.”
    • Nugent has admitted to statutory rape, even writing a song about it.
    • Sarah Palin wrote on Facebook about Abbott: “If he is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me!”

    Abbott has chosen to campaign with this extreme right wing figure.

  • Charles Murray

    White Nationalist Author

    Charles Murray

    The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Charles Murray as “one of the most influential social scientists in America, using racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the black and Latino communities, women and the poor.” And Abbott cites him in his education plan.

    • Murray wrote, “”No woman has been a significant original thinker in any of the world’s great philosophical traditions.”
    • He said “unmarried women tend to make bad mothers” and explained this conclusion saying that unmarried mothers were “disproportionately immature, ignorant, and with low cognitive ability.” In 2010, 42 percent of births in Texas were to unmarried women.
    • Southern Poverty Law Center describes his work as “white nationalist.”

    Abbott apparently likes to surround himself with like-minded thinkers who don’t share Texas values.

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