Abbott ruled against rape victims

Sexual assault is one of the most horrific and traumatic acts of violence a person can experience. And for survivors who bravely seek justice in our legal system, the trauma often continues as they fight for the respect and dignity they deserve.

Over and Over

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This week it was revealed that Greg Abbott has ruled against FOUR survivors of sexual assault, including one who was brutally raped in her home by a door-to-door salesman while her children slept nearby.

That is a disturbing pattern. Four women were willing to fight for justice. And again, and again, Greg Abbott told them: No. Greg Abbott did not support survivors of rape as a judge, and he will not fight to support women like these survivors as governor.

Share our graphic to let Texans know Abbott’s record of ruling against survivors of sexual assault.

The election is on November 4th, and we don’t have much time left to inform our communities about why Greg Abbott is bad for Texas women, and bad for Texas.

Will you share our graphic today so that Greg Abbott can’t hide from his record of working against survivors of rape in Texas?

Survivors of rape have been through enough and they have a right to seek justice.

Together we will fight for some delayed justice. Together we can be sure to tell those stories and #StopGregAbbott.


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