Greg Abbott Tells RGV Women That Their Loss of Constitutional Rights Is Simply A “Manageable Inconvenience”

On October 9th, Greg Abbott filed a memorandum with the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of HB2, calling the bill’s harm “an inconvenience, but still a manageable one.

Texas women are facing a health care disaster at the hands of a small and extreme group of politicians.  On October 2nd, a 2-1 decision by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled against Texas women and allowed abortion restrictions to eviscerate women’s access to safe and legal abortion in the state. As a result, safe and legal abortion will no longer be available in vast stretches of Texas.  Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick have already celebrated those closures.

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“Greg Abbott can not speak for women in crisis and say that robbing them of their constitutional rights is simply a manageable “inconvenience.” In today’s filing to the Supreme Court, Greg Abbott told the women living in the Rio Grande Valley that their need to travel over 300 miles, to find time off of work, child care, money for gas and a hotel room, is not a big enough “inconvenience” to matter to him or the state of Texas. 

This insulting legal filing from Abbott shows once again how out of touch he is with Texas women and their livelihood. Greg Abbott has built his career around working against Texas women, and he poses a dangerous threat to our health and rights. Texas women will not accept this kind of blatant disrespect. And Texas women will make that known at the ballot box this November 4th.”

–Planned Parenthood Texas Votes Executive Director Yvonne Gutierrez

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